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Well hello there!

Glad to see you stumble upon my little abode here! It’s been one heck of a journey so far and I’m here to share it with you! Family, Friends, Food, and Fun are the things most important to me in life, and they’ve bled into many aspects of my personal life as well. I typically like to adventure with my friends, whether it’s hiking or just finding a new chill spot around the city. My family has passed on much knowledge to me about food and I’m always on the hunt for the best spots to eat as well as cultivating my culinary knowledge in my own kitchen.

Lastly, fun. Fun is important and arbitrary. Not all of us have fun the same way, but my idea of fun is through learning. See, I was never the Home Page Funtype of kid to have straight A’s throughout my entire school career, but I always
enjoyed learning about stuff. Why I never got straight A’s has something to do with my lack of attention span and my learning disability. I was never able to apply myself correctly and I was always bouncing from one subject to the next.

I guess I’m lucky in the sense that my attention was always directed towards learning new things because it’s allowed me to become better educated, even if it doesn’t necessarily reflect in my school transcripts.

There’s just so many things to do in the world and it can be overwhelming for others, but not for me. Overwhelming is my middle name! Well, it’s actually Wilhelm, but it’s close enough. Anyways, I just started out this site, but I’ll be talking about food, travelling and babies.

Yes babies! My gal pal/lover/wife/partner in crime is having my baby and since we’re first time parents and about to sign off our lives to this little bundle of joy (joys maybe? I don’t know how that works), we figured we’d share our anxieties and worries through this site. We’ll mostly be talking about baby proofing, health stuff. Don’t worry, we won’t be too gross and talk about the yucky stuff of childbirth. That’s for another time!


The Best Places to Eat

I love to save money on things, but sometimes, you just gotta eat outside and enjoy the atmosphere of having your food served to you! Especially if it’s delicious food and served by great service staff! Growing up, when our family would together with other branches of the family, it was always a good time. People ordered different kinds of dishes, and being the little foodie of the family, I would make my way around the table and mooch off of them. I say mooch as a loving term because I was just so darn cute back then.

homepage food
Needless to say, I guess this is why I still like to occasionally go out when I have the financial means to and it doesn’t hurt if there’s an occasion to celebrate! Through my extensive travelling, I’ve garnered enough restaurant places that you absolutely must try while you’re there. For the picky eaters, don’t worry, it will get better! Luckily for picky eaters, there’s always something on the menu to satisfy your selective taste buds. Unless you’re really super picky, then I don’t know what else to say.

I used to be a picky eater myself, but the more I kept exposing myself to the foods I didn’t like, the more they became appealing and eventually I found myself enjoying various meals wholeheartedly. I guess a mix of travel and a very adamant force-feeding parent will do that to you. 

Food Recipes

foodAs I’ve mentioned earlier, eating out is fun, but cooking food at home is sometimes the best way to spend time with your family. Not everyone has to pitch in with the cooking, but even something as simple as helping to set up the table or clean the dishes can provide ample time for bonding experiences.

Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee!

I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and probably should stop, but coffee to me is like fried chicken to this other blogger I follow. We are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. Then the missus gave me one of those single serve coffee cup machines…the K-Cup machine! I was in heaven and this was a good thing because I was able to curb my addiction a bit since they’re single serve, which means I don’t make a huge pot of coffee just for myself.

Budget Tips That Are Yummy

Did you know that making everything from scratch is cheaper in the long-Savings Galore Money Treerun? Not that anyone has time for that unless they do that for a living, BUT with these helpful tips, I’ll have you saving money in no time! You can allocate that money for say…a new motorcycle? No? Okay okay, the wife says she wants a boat. As if we have somewhere to put our boat.


Food is one reason to travel. Actually, let me rephrase that. Food is the best reason to travel! Sure, I can appreciate the historical and cultural aspect of the places I’ve travelled to, but what’s one thing that all cultures have in common? FOOD. Maybe not all cuisines have a common denominator, but food can be descriptive of a culture and can reveal a little history about the place as well.

Anyways, on top of the food adventures I have when travelling, there are a few things you need to remember when travelling!

A Beginner’s Travelling Guide

In my early days as a traveller, I made many common mistakes that could have been avoided if I just did a little researching online. If you were directed here because you want to learn more about travelling before actually doing it, you are a smart cookie; a chewy chocolate chip cookie with coconut shavings.

Travel Train TrainAnyways, in my Beginner’s Travelling Guide, I’ll be walking you through things you need, things you don’t need, things you really don’t need and should put back in the dresser, and some tips and etiquette I’ve picked up along the way.

There really is no right way to travel; the adventure’s all up to you and where you go is a unique way of saying, “I did it my way and it was well worth the grief!” Whatever your travelling motto is, don’t forget to walk through my Beginner’s Travelling Guide because you might find something you weren’t aware of before!

Life is one great big adventure!

To Save or Splurge?

Ah…splurging. We can’t really afford to splurge on much right now with a baby on the way, but we did have a couple adventures where we just lived the luxurious life. It’s just a nice change from always being super sweaty and nasty when we go on hiking trips.

When we do splurge, we like fancy hotels. Anything with a big fluffy bed with numerous amounts of pillows that you don’t even sleep on, we’re there! Plus it doesn’t hurt to have a great view either!

Unfortunately, this is my first attempt at logging in details about how to splurge but save at the same time! For this segment, we’re going to Niagara Falls, Canada! I know, I know, it’s a cheesy location to start this journey, but you gotta start somewhere small! Well, Niagara isn’t really small, but I have this fixation on waterfalls and what better way to start?  Besides, there are many Niagara Falls hotel deals that we can take advantage of to get a great vacation on the cheap!


Fortunately, I’ve been very blessed to have grown up with an awesome family and am just as blessed to be starting one! For me, there is no stronger unit than a family. The great thing about it is that not only are you born into one, but you can make your own as you grow up as well!

Under the “Family” section, I’ll be giving tips on how to baby proof a home. Seeing as we’re first time parents, I figure I’d share my little anecdotes while we figure our way around this parenting thing.

Now for all the current parents out there, I’ve heard some horror stories about not being able to get some relaxation time in and that’s crazy! family beachRelaxing is the reason why I haven’t gone bald yet! I can’t really test this out until the baby comes along, but I’ll try to enjoy my freedom with relaxing while I can! For now, I’ve updated the site to include a page on meditation and spas because why not? If you’ve got some time in between raising kids, working and all that other stuff crazy life throws at you, you should sneak in some spiritual bonding, especially with your significant other! My gal pal and I barely have enough time to sneak in a date every week with all the preparation for the baby! I can’t wait until she and I start hanging out again just the two of us!

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